Feature Fix

225.00 +VAT

What if the barriers to being featured were eliminated? That’s precisely what the Feature Fix is designed to achieve.

Within the span of a month, you’ll benefit from:

  • 3 blog posts on the Way Up North website (learn more)
  • 2 social media posts on the Way Up North Instagram (41.1K followers)
  • An official Way Up North Featured badge to proudly display

Tangible value for your investment, and the most exciting part is that you never know who might discover your work. One feature could potentially lead to inquiries and wedding bookings.

Who is this for?

The Feature Fix is designed for wedding photographers who are eager to have their exceptional work showcased and spread across platforms.

How does it work?

Upon subscribing, you’ll receive a follow-up form where you can provide the content you wish to have featured. We then plan and schedule the content for sharing which will go live within a month. Before you know it, your work will be out there making a statement.

What do you need to do?

Your contribution involves writing the blog posts. These posts should be written in the first person, encapsulating your unique perspective.

In our part, we’ll arrange the blog images in a visually appealing format, and expertly curate the captions for the Instagram shares.

What about the badge?

As soon as your inaugural blog post goes live, you’ll receive your official Way Up North Featured badge. Flaunt it proudly!

What’s the timeline?

We operate within convenient one-month intervals. Starting from the time of purchase, we efficiently coordinate all aspects and ensure your content is showcased. After the month concludes and your content has gained exposure, you’re welcome to renew your subscription for more captivating features.

Why blogging?

Building backlinks can be quite a challenge. But here’s the thing: the more backlinks you have, the stronger your website becomes. And this boost in strength also brings more people to your website naturally.

But the big reason here is Way Up North’s SEO rankings. We got this idea when we featured a destination wedding in Positano by Eva from Pink Iceland, a past WUN presenter. If you search for “positano wedding photographer,” our page usually pops up on the second or third page. And guess what? We often get messages from couples searching for a wedding photographer in Positano.

Way Up North gets a lot of attention every month (22.9k in August 2023, averaging 500 – 2000 views per day over the past year). When we put up a blog post, it gets seen by a lot of people. So, the chances of couples checking out your work are pretty high.