Lisbon + São Miguel (Azores)

450.001,250.00 +VAT

Mark your calendars for a transformative workshop in Lisbon on January 21st, and São Miguel, Azores, from January 23rd-24th, 2023. Choose from three distinct experiences: explore the dynamic streets of Lisbon, immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of São Miguel with accommodations included, or combine both for the ultimate photography journey. Elevate your portfolio and refine your style in Portugal’s most picturesque settings. Exclusive spots are available – book now for an unforgettable learning experience!


Choose the workshop experience that suits you best in Portugal:

  • Lisbon Day Workshop: Join us for a full day in Lisbon at €450 + VAT.
  • São Miguel Two-Day Workshop: Dive deep into a two-day workshop in São Miguel at €950 + VAT.
  • Exclusive Combo Package: Get the best of both worlds with workshops in both Lisbon and São Miguel for €1,250 + VAT.


Here’s a breakdown of the workshop dates in Portugal:

  • Lisbon Workshop: Join us for a single-day workshop on January 21st. Please plan to arrive no later than January 20th, as the day starts early before sunrise and ends late after sunset.
  • Travel Day: January 22nd is a travel day as we move to São Miguel. Plan your arrival no later than January 22nd.
  • São Miguel Workshop: The workshop in São Miguel spans two days, January 23rd and 24th. Similar to the Lisbon workshop, our days on São Miguel will start before sunrise and end after sunset.

Please note that there are no scheduled activities on January 25th. Get ready for intense, hands-on learning and unforgettable experiences in both locations!

Format & Locations

Lisbon | January 21st

Morning – Sunrise Session: Our day begins before dawn at the iconic Belém Tower, where the morning light casts a magical glow on the historic architecture. Capture our first couple against the backdrop of this UNESCO World Heritage site, framed by the tranquil waters of the Tagus River. From Belém, we’ll move to the enchanting Jerónimos Monastery, a masterpiece of Manueline architecture, for more intimate shots.

Midday: After the sunrise session, we’ll gather for a relaxing brunch at a local café, giving you the opportunity to mingle with fellow participants and discuss the morning’s photography experiences. During this time, we encourage open discussions and sharing of photography techniques.

Afternoon – Exploration and Preparation: Following brunch, we’ll embark on a guided walking tour through Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood. This exploration will offer opportunities for candid street photography and a chance to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture. Along the way, we’ll scout locations for the sunset session.

Evening – Sunset Session: Our day culminates with a captivating sunset session at the historic Castelo de São Jorge. As the sun sets over the city, our second couple, elegantly dressed, will be captured against the panoramic views of Lisbon. The golden hour provides the perfect light for creating romantic and timeless images. Join us for this immersive photography experience in Lisbon, where you’ll capture the essence of this historic city with two enchanting couples.

São Miguel | January 23rd + 24th

During our two-day workshop in São Miguel, you’ll photograph two couples in wedding attire, one each day, within a small, intimate group of 8 participants.

Day One: Begin at the iconic Sete Cidades, where the couples will be framed against the backdrop of the legendary twin lakes and lush greenery. We’ll continue along the coastline, stopping at the picturesque Mosteiros beach for intimate shots. In the afternoon, explore the enchanting Terra Nostra Park, famous for its botanical beauty and natural hot springs. Our day concludes at the historic Furnas Lake, a serene spot perfect for capturing the essence of São Miguel’s natural beauty.

Day Two: Start in the charming village of Nordeste, offering stunning views of the coastline and vibrant gardens. Next, visit the mystical Gorreana Tea Plantation, capturing the couples amid the lush green tea fields. We’ll then explore the dramatic landscapes of Ribeira do Despe-te Que Suas, known for its cascading waterfalls and rocky cliffs. Our journey concludes at the majestic Lagoa do Fogo, where you’ll capture the couples near the island’s most beautiful crater lake. Join us for this immersive photography experience in São Miguel, where you’ll photograph against the backdrop of the Azores’ most enchanting locales.


Cole Roberts

Cole is the co-founder of Way Up North, Kolla, Nordica and has been a Fujifilm X-Photographer since 2016. He lives in Gävle, Sweden with his wife and three kids. He wishes he spent more time at his cabin chopping wood and lighting fires while listening to country music.

Anna Ascari

Anna Ascari is the co-founder of Hakuna Matata Weddings, a distinguished team of wedding photographers and videographers operating in Europe since 2016, managing nearly 90 weddings annually. Based in Modena, Italy, she captures moments in Tuscany, Como Lake, Dolomites, and Positano, serving couples from across the globe.

Anna received the WUN award for ‘Best European Wedding Photographer Under 25’ in 2021 and was crowned ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year‘ in 2022. Since 2020, she has been instrumental in planning and hosting Roadie workshops, enhancing the experiences of fellow photographers.

Included / Not-included

What’s included:

  • In São Miguel: 3 nights’ accommodation.
  • Transportation in São Miguel during the workshop dates.

What’s not included:

  • Travel to Lisbon and São Miguel.
  • Transportation between the airport in Lisbon and city
  • Food and beverages.

Accommodations for Lisbon are not covered in your workshop fee, but we’ll provide you with a list of recommended hotels where the workshop will unfold. Also, we’ll be setting up a private Slack channel to connect all participants, offering you the chance to coordinate shared lodging if desired.

Please arrange your own flights to Lisbon and São Miguel. Rest assured, once you’re there, we’ll handle all local transport, ensuring you’re where you need to be from January 21st to 24th, 2023.

Models Wanted in Lisbon!

We’re on the hunt for one more couple to photograph during our Lisbon workshop. Photographers, fancy a swap? Spend half the day enhancing your skills at the workshop and the other in front of the lens.

Good news for São Miguel – we’re all set with two couples! Now, let’s find our final duo for Lisbon. Could it be you? Get in touch!