Hard Light 101 2

Hard Light 101

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Hard Light 101 is going to be held in Copenhagen (location TBD) on April 23rd from 16:00 onwards (likely until about 20:00).

Need to sell six seats before February 15th or be called off.

  • Presented by Si Moore
  • When April 23rd 16:00 onwards
  • The Details: A principles-based toolkit for quickly finding and using hard light and strong shadows while you’re on the move and in the midst of a shoot, regardless of location/weather/drunken-ness/time of day/language barrier/galactic invasion

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This is a practical ‘toolkit-style’ session about how to hit glorious home-runs when all mother nature is throwing your way is brutal hard light. We’ll take in both digital and analog scenarios (so pack your Rolleiflex) looking at a bunch of ways to see this kind of light with new eyes, find opportunities where you might not have looked before, and help you make friends with midday again.

Step 1: We’ll look at a brief history of strong light, the geniuses who’ve pulled it off across a bunch of disciplines, and help you reset your dial on composition, shadow play, and how to get some control back from the sun.

Step 2: We’re takin’ it to the street. We’ll hit the great outdoors to scout light, shoot on the fly, and dig out some magic that you can translate into wedding day wins.