Florence 2024

195.00 +VAT

Way Up North in Florence, Italy on May 7th and 8th is sold out. Our host venue is at capacity, so we, unfortunately, are unable to sell more tickets.

However, tickets will inevitably become available. While we always hope all ticket holders can attend, eventually, some people will need to part ways with their tickets.

That is why we have set up a Florence Ticket Waitlist. Should tickets become available, those who are signed up on this waitlist will be contacted first. From there, tickets are available first-come, first-served.


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May 7th & 8th, 2024

Ticket Prices

October 18th: €195 + VAT 
October 19th: €295 + VAT price increases October 19th at 17:00 GMT+2
October 24th: €395 + VAT price increases October 24th at 17:00 GMT+2
December 1st Onwards: €595 + VAT price increases December 1st at 17:00 GMT+2


The host city is Florence, and the host venue is Cinema La Compagnia.

Who Are The Presenters?

Stay tuned for announcements starting in November.

What is Way Up North?

Way Up North (WUN) is a gathering tailored for passionate wedding photographers and filmmakers. Since 2015, WUN has left its mark 14 times across Europe, fostering a lively community. At its core, the event showcases dedicated presenters who share their expertise over two days of engaging presentations. In the midst of these enlightening talks, attendees connect, celebrate, and capture moments, fostering an inclusive atmosphere. WUN embraces individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels, welcoming anyone with an open mind and a passion for their craft.

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