Best Flash Photo

Flash magic! Because, it kind of is magic, right? This category celebrates light and how you create a scene. Whether flash is with a sparkler or on-camera, LED, or a collection of off-camera flashes, you decide. The magic of flash is there are no set rules. Combine a light source and your vision, et voila, flash magic!



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If I have a photo only lit with natural light, can I enter it into this category?

Natural light is wonderful, but only natural light won’t cut it in this category. For a photo to be eligible, you need to have added an extra light source outside of natural light.

I don’t understand – what is possible outside of natural light?

Anything goes if it’s not only natural light. Flashes, your phone, vehicle lights, flares, Christmas lights… let this category celebrate your creativity with light!

Can I enter the contest if I am not a European?

No, unfortunately. The 2023 edition of the WUN Awards is only for Europeans.