Bar Napkin Brainstorm 2

Bar Napkin Brainstorm

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The Details
The first Bar Napkin Brainstorm is going to be held in Stockholm (location TBD) on October 10th from 12:00 onwards (likely until about 19:00).

  • Presentations from Michael Antonia and Whitney Chamberlin.
  • Speed Date: Have your ideas dissected and reconstructed in a one on one consultation. We’re open to a two on one thing too. If you’re into that.
  • The Board Room: Join us for a full group brainstorm, where you present ideas for passion projects, new businesses or creative meanderings and collect feedback, critique, support and hopefully future collaboration from the group.

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ReCharge your Creative Batteries. ReThink Success. Reinvent your Business.

Whitney Chamberlin (aka Yeah Field Trip founder, amongst other things) and Michael Antonia (aka The Flashdance, amongst other things) hosting a one day meeting of the minds where freelance creatives can come to get inspired, forge new bonds with other professionals, and workshop their own ideas in a lush productive environment.

What’s different about this from other workshops?
Well hopefully a lot! But the biggest thing is that it’s interactive. Bar Napkin Brainstorm is a creative foundry-where ideas, concepts, passion projects, brands, and marketing are melted down and ReConstructed. We won’t just be talking at you-we’re actually hoping to find new people to collaborate with as well! Plus we have time to reminisce about the party which happened the night before at the end.

Who should come to this workshop?
The curriculum has been developed so that it’s applicable to a diverse group of people. You don’t have to be a visual artist to get the benefits from The Brainstorm. It will be good for photographers, but it would also be good for: entrepreneurs, creative directors, musicians, writers, makers, builders, destroyers, and shamans. No robots please. We aren’t down with your kind. Except Smilebooth. That’s one great robot.

Wheeling & Dealing!
It’s our first time in Stockholm so we’re going to have a great deal on spots. However, space is pretty limited so if you’re really interested don’t delay!