All-Roads Mentoring

300.00 +VAT

Art alone is one thing, a business rooted in art an entirely different beast. A two-headed monster with each side equally important.

That monster feeds this online mentoring session hosted by Si Moore and Cole Roberts. The sessions bang through the big ideas around philosophy, longevity and where you’re headed, and then break it down to how you’re monetising what you’re doing, getting your stuff to your audience, and building a long-term body of work.

To cap it off, a deep dive into your body of work will lead to a road map outlining the type of inspiration you need to be feeding yourself to achieve what you’re aiming for – but it’s all very tailored to where you’re at and what you’re doing.

When we’re through all that, we might also add in anything you’re into; pie recipes, fire-lighting tips (always teepee method), fly fishing techniques, and ice hockey coaching by correspondence.

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Anytime that works for our calendars. After your purchase is made we will follow up with you, make the time zones align, then let the magic ensue.


Mentoring spots are €300 + VAT.


The workshop is hosted by Si Moore and Cole Roberts. Si wears numerous hats ranging from a photographer at Bayly & Moore to small business owner at Arkade Hire. He’s based in New Zealand and is a legend – if you know, you know. Cole is the co-founder of Way Up North, Kolla, and Nordica, and is based in Sweden.


• 2 x 60-90 minute Skype sessions
• Portfolio review
• Tailored action plan
• Creative diet strategy
• Resources
• 1 x 60-90 minute follow up Skype session
• Whatever you need to get your mojo firing

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